5 Tasks to Get Your Home Fall Ready

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It’s officially fall! Can you believe it?

As the weather turns cooler (come on, Florida!) and the days begin to get shorter, we are reminded that the holiday season is quickly approaching. Although fall can be a lot of fun and packed with activities, it’s important to remember there are areas in our home that we need to organize before all the hustle and bustle begins.

Getting your home prepared for fall doesn’t have to be stressful. Have fun and make it a family affair!

We’ve broken it down to 5 tasks to get your home fall ready.



Cooler temperatures are near (I hope! Ha!), which means it will be time to slide into our jeans and cuddle up in our sweaters. Rather than frantically searching for warm clothing, make sure your closet is prepared ahead of time by doing a seasonal clothing changeout. 

  1. Look at your spring/summer clothing and donate any items that you no longer are wearing. Some of our favorite local organizations to donate clothing to are Peace River Center and Lighthouse Ministries.
  2. Store your summer/spring wardrobe in another closet or in storage bins/bags.
  3. Before putting out your fall/winter wardrobe see what no longer fits or if there are any items that can be donated.



For most, decluttering your garage may be the most grueling task to tackle, but you certainly don’t want your holiday guests to walk into a garage that looks like a bomb went off in it, do you? 

We get it, finding the time to organize your garage can be difficult. But all it takes is a free Saturday morning, an extra body, your favorite tunes, and some motivation.



Your main goal is to clear the clutter off the ground to make room for all the seasonal decor that will be coming down from the attic. Let’s face it – to get your home fall ready has EVERYTHING to do with the decor! 

  1. Let go of broken and unused items.
  2. Put everything back in its designated spot.
  3. Figure out which items you use the most and put them in an easy-to-reach location.
  4. Store like-items together (gardening supplies, sports equipment, etc.)
  5. Purchase storage bins and install shelving.

Check out our post, “How to Organize Your Garage…to Park in It” for more garage organization solutions.



One of the most important tasks in preparing your home for fall is getting your kitchen in order. The fall season often calls for more baking and cooking. It’s time to declutter, organize, and take inventory of what we have (and don’t have). 

  1. Sort and store spices – throw away any expired spices and separate them into two categories (sweet & savory). If you really want to get detailed, you can alphabetize them. If you haven’t already done so, consider purchasing a spice organizer or lazy susan.
  2. Declutter your pantry – remove all non-essential and expired items. It’s an excellent time of year to donate to your local food pantries and food banks. One of our favorite organizations in Lakeland is Blessings & Hope Food Pantry. There is also The Mission and Heart 4 Winter Haven in Winter Haven. For a step-by-step pantry organization guide check out one of our posts here
  3. Pull out the cookware and serveware that you don’t use throughout the year – think casserole dishes, gravy boats, fine china, serving trays, etc. Wash them and put them in a place that is easily accessible.
  4. Clean off your counter tops – remove unopened mail, papers, and random kitchen appliances.



If you plan to do a lot of cooking in the upcoming months, now is the time to begin creating a meal plan. Plan your holiday menu well in advance and prepare what you can ahead of time. Some dishes freeze well, and no one will even know you didn’t make it the day of the event.

If you plan to host an event, consider your guests. Do they have any food allergies or dietary restrictions? How many people will you be serving? 



If visitors plan to stay with you during the season, you will need a cozy and inviting place for them to sleep. Now is the time to prep your guest room for visitors. 

  1. Empty out a couple of drawers and free up some space in the closet so your guests don’t have to live out of their suitcases.
  2. Stock up on travel size toiletries for the guest bathroom.
  3. Have extra blankets, pillows, and bath towels on hand.
  4. Put fresh linens on the bed.
  5. Fresh seasonal flowers are always a thoughtful touch!


Do you have any tips to get your home fall ready? We’d love to hear them! 

get your home fall ready


…and just remember to have FUN preparing for the new season, because after all fall is the best season of them all


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Happy Fall, Y’all!!




By: Nicole Ramer, CPO®, SMM~C®

(Certified Professional Organizer® & Certified Senior Move Manager®)

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