Packages & Pricing

Organizing, Downsizing & Moving, and Home Inventory & Estate Clearing Packages

“Why can’t I get organized and stay organized?”

We know how difficult it is to get organized when you are busy and overwhelmed, or when the physical and emotional aspects of getting organized are just too much to handle.

In addition to this, there are many barriers and voices in our heads that stand in our way when we try to let the things we’ve collected go.

Whether you have one area needing organization or the whole home, we can help you take control of your space with packages and pricing for all project sizes and scenarios!

Choose an Organizing Package:

Packages apply to the following organizing categories:

  • home (bedrooms, living area, kitchen, kids rooms, garage, closets, etc.)
  • office (home office, workspace, warehouse, business office, conference room, storage)
  • paper (personal files, work files, filing, digitizing, downsizing)

Dates are to be determined upon purchase, but a free phone assessment and preview of our availability is welcomed by calling 863.268.4041.

In lieu of an in-person assessment, a walk-through video of the space(s) to be organized is required. Please email that to upon purchase. Give us a call if you need assistance or have any questions.

“How in the world are we going to manage this move?”

With moving being on the list of the top 5 most stressful things a person will do in their lifetime, it is no question that emotions can run high in the days, weeks and months preceding the move.

This can cause unhealthy stress and often tension amongst family members. Our support limits that emotional stress and takes away the chaos that otherwise ensues.

Whether you are moving locally or outside of the state, we can help you organize your downsize and move with a customized package based on the size of your home and your personal situation!

Senior & Specialty Downsizing & Moving Services:

All of our downsizing and moving clients receive:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Move – Practical Tips from the Experts in Downsizing and Moving (that’s us!)
      • 8 Tips for an Organized Move & an Organized Haven
      • Auction Checklist: What to Sell and How to Sell It
      • Do Something Good by Donating Unused Items (local and national donation resources)
      • Getting Prepared for Your Move with Organized Haven
      • Moving Checklist: What to Do Before You Move
      • Packing Tips from the Experts in Downsizing & Moving
      • Staging Tips for a Positive Buyer & Seller Experience
      • What Documents to Shred and When
      • Which Documents to Keep Safe in a Safe Place
  • Floor plan assessment – a thorough assessment of both your current home and your new home
  • A customized, Organized Haven move plan – with your budget and timeline in mind
  • 3D space plan – a full-color scale drawing of your new home with your numbered, furniture pieces in place
  • Sorting, packing and unpacking support provided by our licensed, insured and certified team of Professional Organizers and Senior Move Managers®
  • Local moving within Florida and access to a professional network of long-distance providers when moving outside of the State of Florida, or local support when you get there
  • An Organized Haven – your new home completely organized with pictures hung and all boxes removed
  • Packing of donations with discard and donate haul-aways – with no additional charges for the use of our moving truck, cargo trailers and dump trailer (if you need a dumpster, we have you covered!)
  • Consignment deliveries and online estate sale services

The costs for our services vary by client, situation, home and budget. Call our Client Services team at 863.268.4041 or send us an email with your request at We’d love to give you a guaranteed quote for the services you need to make your move stress and worry free!

“What am I going to do with all this stuff?”

A home collects a lot in a lifetime. It can be challenging to take inventory of everything important and decide what should happen with it.

Whether conducting an inventory for insurance or valuation purposes, rightsizing your space and the contents within it, or clearing the estate of a loved one, there is no doubt that it is a time-consuming and often emotional endeavor.

No matter the reason, we can help you organize your space and your affairs.

Home Inventory and Estate Clearing Services:

Services include:

  • Natural state photo documentation
  • Documented inventory of all areas inside and outside of home or business
  • Digital storytelling album of family heirlooms and artifacts being let go
  • Sorting, decluttering and organizing space to fit current needs
  • Downsizing contents via donation, discard, consignment, etc.
  • Use of our moving truck, cargo trailers and dump trailer
  • Selling contents via online auction or estate sale
  • Moving sellable/family items to offsite storage when house has sold and requires prompt emptying

Not sure if any of the above packages or services perfectly fit your needs? Not to worry! Call us at 863.268.4041 to discuss the details of your project and receive a customized quote.