Senior Move Management and the Coronavirus

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This month has reached it’s end ~ we are in a completely different place from where we were when it started. For my family, we had traveled by car from Florida to Texas for the NASMM 2020 Conference (The National Association of Senior Move Managers). Every year, I travel with my family to learn and grow with hundreds of other Senior Move Managers® from all over the world. Although COVID-19 was already “a thing”, we had no clue what was right around the corner. Forget not being able to travel; some of us can’t even leave our homes! Life as we knew it is… on hold. 

Our industry has taken a massive hit! After all, we specialize in serving seniors who are at the highest risk of catching the virus, and worse, dying from it. Senior Move Managers® are struggling not only with the limited number of senior living communities allowing “visitors”, but also with the decision of whether or not to serve those who’s projects don’t involve a senior living community. The risk to those we care about (our clients, our team members, our partners, our families) weighs heavy on our hearts and our minds. Are we an “essential” service provider? Many states are including moving, relocation, and transportation services on the list of essential businesses. In regards to the moves we are managing, our client’s homes have closing dates – both those they have sold and those they are purchasing. Are their projects to continue as normal in order to satisfy their signed contracts or do we respectfully step out and wish them the best in their transition in order to keep our team and our families safe? Also, the senior clients we serve are sometimes in a high-risk situation due to the clutter in their homes creating trip hazards and other issues that keep them unsafe in their homes. In a time of such crisis especially, don’t we have a duty to these seniors to be there for them in their time of need? These are just some of the challenging questions we Senior Move Managers are asking each other. 

One thing is for sure. Just like many other businesses in these uncertain times, we have put together a list of things we are doing to keep those we come in contact with safe. Here is our most recent newsletter with the details (if you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, open the link and click to subscribe): Additionally, this document details the specific strategies in place for Organized Haven employees to prevent workplace exposures and/or decrease the spread of acute respiratory illness and lower the impact of COVID-19 in our workplace:

As we continue to course this uncharted territory together, we want our seniors and their families to know that we are still here for those who need our guidance and support when downsizing and moving. Maybe your project has been put on hold; maybe you’re not even sure what your future looks like; no matter your situation, we are here to help you navigate your transition during these challenging times. 

Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your downsizing, moving, and organizing projects @ 863.268.4041.

Helping You Organize Through All of Life’s Stages,

Nicole Ramer, SMM~C / Owner

Organized Haven

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