Rightsizing Your Senior Move

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Downsizing your family home? Not looking forward to the idea of deciding what to keep, toss, donate/sell? We know how stressful moving can be, especially when downsizing a lifetime!

Rightsizing Your Senior Move is important when facing this overwhelming task!


If you yourself are not planning to downsize and move, but you’ve found this blog post, you are probably looking for support for someone you love or someone you are working with.

Whether it be for mom and/or dad or a client, you know it’s nothing short of overwhelming.

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It’s common to feel stuck and not know where to begin when you are overwhelmed by the need to sort and downsize a lifetime of collections!

The best way to get unstuck and make progress on your goals in Rightsizing Your Senior Move is to sort everything into categories and edit each based on the things you love, use and can’t live without!

But that is not all that is important to consider and learn about when facing a transition such as this…

All to consider to rightsize your senior move

We discussed all of this and more in January 2022 with our first webinar and you can watch it on-demand here:


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Organized Haven is an A+ Accredited moving, downsizing/estate clearing and organizing company serving Polk County and Central Florida seniors and their families who wish to “rightsize” their home and the contents within.

Whether aging-in-place in the comfort of your own home or downsizing and moving to smaller living arrangements, follow us for solutions to help you meet your organizing goals.

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Happy Rightsizing!



By: Nicole Ramer, CPO®, SMM~C®

(Certified Professional Organizer & Certified Senior Move Manager®)

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