Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! Happy New Year!!

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Wow! What a year 2020 has been for all of us! If there has ever in time been a year that most everyone in the world could say was awful, this most certainly HAS to be it! I speak for many of us when I say goodbye 2020 – don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


With all the feelings of sadness, angst, concern and uncertainty, there was also so much good that happened during this extremely difficult year. It has been a while since I blogged, in fact, it’s been since nearly the start of the pandemic, so I thought I would share some of the great things that happened this year as I reflect back and plan for the future of 2021:


  • Three of our Organizers were promoted to Professional Organizers, becoming professional members of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).


  • Dee, Elaine, and Kari also became NAPO Organizing Specialists in a combined 6 areas: Residential Organizing, Life Transitions, Workplace Productivity, Household Management, Brain-Based Conditions, and Team Productivity.


  • Dee, Elaine, and Kari all became trained members of the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) and were promoted to Senior Move Managers®.


  • All team members became COVID-19 Certified by NASMM.


  • One door closed – literally – when we closed our Winter Haven office in April, but then another one opened when we opened our new Lakeland office with warehouse space in September.


  • We refocused our brand to reflect our true specialties in moving, downsizing, and estates.


  • Danny, our resident Senior Move Manager® (and my husband), became our second Certified Senior Move Manager®.


  • In November, we became a full-service moving company!!! NEVER did I EVER think this would be a path that we would take, but it became essential to be able to provide all our services in-house as we are senior-serving professionals, and it is important that we can manage every aspect of our client’s moves ourselves… and with the best, most experienced movers at that! Welcome to our team, David and Josh! We are so thankful you chose to become our first two Relocation Specialists!


  • With the moving company addition, we also invested in the ability to sell our own moving boxes. To have Organized Haven branded boxes is surreal!


  • If all of this wasn’t enough, in December, we were awarded our A+ Accreditation by the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers®! This is the highest level of professional achievement that can be awarded to a Senior Move Management company!


Organized Haven | NASMM Accredited



These are 10 BIG THINGS that we did this year to pivot when our senior move management business was negatively impacted by COVID-19. Many of these things involved a significant investment of time and money to ensure our Professional Organizers and Senior Move Managers® had hours and opportunities in light of the drop in client projects the pandemic caused.
With all that we did do, there was so much that we weren’t able to focus on… these will become our goals for 2021! I’m so incredibly grateful for the successes we had this year in light of all the challenges we faced and beyond grateful for my talented and dedicated team that helped us get to where we are today – THE BEST OF THE BEST!
Organized Haven | NASMM Accredited
What were your successes in 2020 and what are your goals for 2021? If moving, downsizing, and/or clearing an estate is on your list, let us help you meet your goals!

Happy New Year!



By: Nicole Ramer, SMM~C

(Professional Organizer & Certified Senior Move Manager®)


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