Downsizing vs. Rightsizing and the Benefits of Both

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Downsizing can sometimes be perceived as a negative term. You’ll hear some call the concept rightsizing in the intent to put what they feel is a positive spin on their need or goal to own less, or the RIGHT amount of things. But what is the difference between downsizing and rightsizing and are there benefits to both?


What's the difference? Downsizing vs. Rightsizing




While both downsizing and rightsizing both follow the same concept of letting things go, there are key differences. 

🏠 Downsizing is the process of moving to a smaller home and, therefore, letting go of furniture and household items you no longer need or have the space for.

🏠 Rightsizing can mean moving to a smaller or larger home depending on your needs. It can also mean choosing the convenience and amenities that come with being part of a senior living community, or even aging-in-place in the comfort of the home you’ve always known. 



In either scenario, the idea of having the right amount of space and things – no more or no less than what is needed – provides feelings of comfort and peace to someone overwhelmed with a cluttered home or decades of accumulations to sort through and make decisions on when downsizing, or rightsizing. 

It is NOT EASY! It takes time to collect all of the things that fill our homes, and so, it is not going to be just an overnight, or short-term process. No wonder it can be perceived as a negative thing! 

In addition to this, it is an overwhelmingly physical AND emotional process to sift through your belongings and make decisions on what to keep, toss, donate, or sell. There are all kinds of barriers that get in our way as we go through the decision-making process. I talk about these in detail on my blog post here:

Our things, if we let them, end up OWNING US instead of us owning them!

Whether for downsizing and moving, or downsizing and aging-in-place, having less things to find, clean, and organize is just one HUGE benefit of downsizing!

Some other benefits of downsizing or rightsizing may be:

  • Reduced expenses and increased cash flow
  • Freedom and flexibility to do more fun things
  • Less time and money spent on household maintenance and upkeep
  • Less space wasted and more space for the things actually used
  • More simplicity and less clutter
  • A life less stressful and more enjoyable


There are so many positive side effects of downsizing or rightsizing, but ultimately, a simpler lifestyle free of stress is enough reason for anyone. A rightsized home may be the key to having more time and space for the things really important in life. 

Downsizing your home in retirement brings upon many other questions. Learn more about this here:

Many go through the process of downsizing more than once. Have you downsized before and will you do it again? What benefits have you found? Why might you downsize again? Let us know in the comments!

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Happy rightsizing!



By: Nicole Ramer, CPO®, SMM~C

(Certified Professional Organizer® & Certified Senior Move Manager®)

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  1. Sunny Armstrong

    In this illuminating piece, the distinction between downsizing and rightsizing is expertly explored, shedding light on the nuanced differences between the two concepts. The emphasis on finding the perfect fit for one’s lifestyle and needs makes it clear that rightsizing is about more than just reducing space—it’s about optimizing and enhancing one’s living situation for greater fulfillment and happiness.

    • Nicole Ramer

      Thank you for your comment, Sunny, and for including a link to a related article and great content!


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